So that didn't go well.....

Every time I think I can start on the right track again...I can't get going a good 48 hours without effing up lately. Its a daily struggle. I'm not going to sit here and say how I really feel about myself. I don't like throwing pity parties publicly. Interesting note: I watched a documentary yesterday about this guy that drank raw vegetable and fruit juice for sixty days straight and lost about ninety pounds. Its called "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" if you want to check it out! Well I'm at the point where I almost so overwhelmed with not having self discipline I'm almost open to anything.

Everyone wants the easy way was easy to gain the weight...just crept on...little by little, year after year. But we want to lose years of weight gain in 6 months. Realistically that is what most people are looking for...instant gratification. I'm not going to lie...I like instantaneous things as well. I want it like yesterday.

I've run out of ideas...not sure what to do at this point but............................



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