Oh how time flies...

So much has changed, yet so much has remained the same since I've been gone. Its been 8 months since I've written. I've seen all of my blog followers recently so I know all 3 of you are doing well. LOL.

Weight Loss - NADA!

Spiritual Life - Still a believer!

Marital Status - 168 days til I'm Mrs. Fife

Wedding Details - Almost done!

Natural Hair - Still Long and often Tangled!

Home Life - We've moved into another apt. Different layout. Can't wait to decorate.

Now speaking of moving, our new complex does have a few amenities. As small as this is for most people we aren't used to this. We had to have a gym membership, go other places for a pool and such. So I do plan to get into that gym pretty soon. Food choices have been HORRIBLE for the past month or so. Between moving and non-stop work I've probably spent more on food out than groceries in forever!

Well that's what is up with me!

Talk to you Random 3 later!


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