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Hey people (i.e. non-existent readers) lol,

I wanted to write a list to describe myself. I more times than less look for others to assess my self-worth and evaluate my skill and talents. This area of my life has been so difficult for me.

  1. I'm a compulsive list writer! 
  2. I love clothes and accessories! Like seriously, you'd think I was 13 years old the way I gab about them. 
  3. I'm a procrastinator and at times ALL TALK. (at least I'm honest)
  4. I have severe mood swings...not sure if that is a complication of PCOS or just having a irritable disposition about me. 
  5. I have a growing weight problem with looming health complications.
  6. I am learning as I nearer to 30, I am much more dependent on others than I first perceived myself to be.

Now, my hopes and dreams for this blog was to be a collection of my random ideas and interests. From Weight Loss to Spirituality/Morality Topics to FATshion/Makeup and mini-journals in between.

I'm going to finally do something I enjoy to do and finish it! (i rarely finish things for myself...only really when it is for someone I'd finish). So, time to stop putting me on the back burner!


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