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One of the blogs that I follow has the link below and I'd love to share it with you all. (whoever reads this blog, lol) 

Well today my Pastor asked, "Are you living your life to the fullest?" and then went on to ask, "Are you living or existing?"

This caused much self-reflection...I would like for you to examine yourself, hearts and minds as well. Jesus was truly in the atmosphere today. I've always found that when you truly give yourself quiet time and listen to your heart, you will hear a truth so loud and clear it will bring you to realize how sweet life can be. If you just believe...

Now later, while perusing some of my favorite blogs (many pertaining to plus-sized fashion) I found something really special. "From the Rez to the City" is definitely one of my favorites! "Rez" is a certified Jesus Freak and I'm glad I found this among her beautiful fashions, God gave her a beautiful heart:

Here is a song that I think accompanies this message:

Talk to you later Lovelies!!! 

~ Shan, Naturally Random


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