Song of the Day: John Legend - Made to Love


Let me tell y'all why I love me some John Legend. Not only is he talented, he is a humble humanitarian. When I found out a few years ago how actively involved he is with organizations that purposes deal with education, I was civically smitten. Smooth tunes and philanthropic heart! Can't beat it! 

To be completely honest I didn't even need new music from Legend because I'm STILL currently jamming to the hit “Tonight (Best You’ve Ever Had),” which can still be heard on your local R&B stations regularly. Song was released last year but hey, people know good music when they hear it! 

He recently released a new album Love in the Future, with executive producers Kanye West and Dave Tozer. I really need to get into going to more concerts, so come see us in NC! So take a listen, if you're like me, you'll certainly enjoy. 

Talk to you later Lovelies!!! 

~ Shan, Naturally Random 


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