The Newness

Hello all!!

I've missed writing here and conversing with my readers! Ms. Naturally Random was a much needed hiatus but I'm back and time to get to work!

First things first! Do you like the look?! 

I was ready for a change and Kalidescope - Graphic Design & Photography was able to cultivate exactly what I needed. If you've followed this blog for some time you know that my blog post topics are seriously "RANDOM" but that totally defines me! I really identify with this logo! One of the goals of Ms. Naturally Random was to create a platform to inspire others to their own goals through networking and team building. My work with Kalidescope is definitely a step in that direction. 
I thoroughly recommend them for your graphic design and photography needs. I've worked with them on numerous projects now (in both photography and graphics arenas) and have found the designer never too busy to address my suggestions/concerns and constantly work towards the satisfactory completion of a task! They really have yet to disappoint.

For more information visit: Also, don't forget to visit them on Facebook! (and click that like button, I did!!)

I look forward to working with Kalidescope again in the near future! 

I missed you all and there is definitely more "newness" to come!

Talk to you lovelies later,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 


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