Pick 6 for Fall!! [TAGGED]

Hello Lovelies! 

Recently I was tapped by a blogger friend to contribute to a topic I absolutely love! So check out my buddy (til we old betties) Nikita over at http://creativelycoiled.blogspot.com 
So the task I was charged with you might ask?? Pick My Top Favorite "Seasonal Six" Items  

The categories are:


For clothing ran back over to my Pinterest board specifically for "Fall Fashion" (check it out here). I knew exactly what piece I wanted to highlight.

The maxi skirt! Its perfect for fall...goes great with boots, sweaters and leather (or faux leather, we on a budget 'round here, lol). If you are looking for an inspirational look, see look on the right => 
(find it here)

shea butter

My item: 
Shea Butter! My hair absolutely loves it! You can whip it with oils and voila! You have a hair moisturizer in minutes that really seals in that much needed moisturize, especially since the weather is changing! 


Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion - 1 oz.
My item: Gold Bond Cream! It is great for your cuticles and with it being flu season and hand washing is even more frequent I need this stuff! Keeps my hands nice and soft! 


My Item: Iman Foundation
Although I don't wear it often because I've had some skin issues due to the pregnancy, I really love this foundation. My shade is Earth 3. It is just the right amount of coverage for me. It goes on creamy and smooth! 


Photo Credit: GilmoreGlitzandGlam.com
My item: Lion's Head Necklace 
This is moreso a wishlist piece I'll be picking up soon! I've seen variations of this necklace all over the place and me not wanting to be trendy would constantly pass over it but to be honest...the Leo/Lioness in me just has to have it. I'm going to give into this and pick it up one soon! 

One "Random" Item

My item: Crossbody Bags

This style of bag has been a godsend! Being prego and now it getting colder, I'm not really in the mood to carry my larger bags due to the added bulk! The bag pictured can be found at JCPenney but I picked up my bag at a local consignment shop and it was love at first sight. I carry it almost daily! With the triple zipper you can carry all the essentials without the bulk! Swoons over the color too.

Well there you have it, my Fall Pick 6

Hmm, let's see...I'll tag NaturallyFabMom and anyone else that wants to share! Comment below so I know to read your responses! 

What are your favorite or must haves for the Fall season?! 

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Naturally Random


  1. I got a shout out! I'm geeked over here! You heard the woman! Visit GilmoreGlitzandGlam.com (If someone buys this necklace by Tuesday, Shan, I'll give you one for free.)


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