Motherhood | Mama-to-Be: 39 Weeks (Countdown)

April is here and we are counting down to the arrival of Baby Fife!

We have less than 10 days left until Pumpkin's due date (April 21st). Now I know due dates are just guesses and accuracy of knowing when exactly our new addition will make her debut is totally up to her! (kinda' makes you bossy already kid! lol)

I am finally starting my maternity leave from my full time gig and could not be more enthusiastic about the time off. Having an entire day to focus and reflect is absolutely rewarding. I'm looking forward to every minute of it!

I thought I share with you a few things that have been going on since my last "Mama-to-Be" at 30 weeks. Instead of blogging most of my woes and triumphs  have been shared on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook via the hashtag #Mama2Be

Let's get caught up...

One of the first pregnancy symptoms that occurred during my very much so eventless pregnancy was the abundance of oil my skin has produced daily. This is caused (in my opinion) severe acne. Most of the pics I've posted online have very strategically placed concealer and done a lot of blending! I'll be honest...I've become quite fond of a feature on my phone called "Beauty Face" (Samsung S4). Its a really quick filter that helps smooth out blemishes! But the pic above isn't utilizing the filter and just happened to be a good day. I was about 32 weeks.

Recently, I woke up and exclaimed..."I give up on pants!!" Well it was actually at about 34 weeks but I didn't officially give up until about 37 weeks. I've worn nothing but maxi dresses to work and MooMoos/nightgowns while at home and it's felt quite lovely! I couldn't even imagine how my mother carried me during the heat of Summer (my bday is in late August)! 

This post was about a week ago and it was after a very tough night. My go-to response is that "the novelty of pregnancy has worn off!". Pumpkin is running out of space and daily reminding me of it. I didn't want to turn into a complaining #Mama2Be but I did want to share pregnancy isn't just a few aches, stretch marks and glowing faces! Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman's body, its tough yet oh so beautiful at the same time. 

This is another recent post....and let me tell you the night time charlie horses I've experienced have been...well quite frankly awful! Oh and "this cankle life though!"...honey let me tell you, I'm really starting to relate to Miss Piggy. Will my shoes every fit again?! It may sound weird but I've actually gotten used to the Braxton Hicks contractions. They're uncomfortable as heck but come and go. I'm paying closer attention to them now just to make sure they're not becoming real contractions.

I'm trying my best to stay mentally productive while on maternity leave while we await her arrival. And I'm sure a big chunk of my time will be sucked into the mindless BuzzFeed lists and questionnaires! Don't judge me, they're just so addictive! Here is one that cracked me up recently: 

Welp...that's about it. Its almost that time...Pumpkin's getting ready for her big show! I absolutely can't wait to meet her. I randomly turn my husband (in what feels like daily) and say "We're having a baby!". LOL I know it sounds crazy but I'm going to be someone's mom! I just know I'm going to boo-hoo cry when she is sob and drool and everything. LOL

Talk to you later lovelies,

Ms. Naturally Random, #Mama2Be


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