Motivational Monday

With all the hooping and hollering I did last month about turning thirty years old, you'd think I'd arrived at some epitome of knowledge about life, love, faith, marriage and parenthood. While I do feel by age thirty life has given you extensive experiences to assist you throughout the remainder of adulthood. I also think getting to this age has taught me that I'll never stop learning. Knowledge is such a powerful tool. Not just for an increase in economic status (although it surely helps there) but in relationships as well. In my teens, I had questions at times about my insecurities & social status. I also had questions about independence from my parents. I found the answers in my twenties during my undergraduate years.  Funny how God and a little time work, right?! 

There were times in my twenties when I prayed for understanding and you know what? At some point, right when I was ready to hear clearly, God sent me clarity.  Whether it was about my career, my romantic life, bills, etc. 

I know its tough being patient and not feeling complacent. I know I'll have more questions as I roll into my thirties as well. Yet, in all scenarios, you just have to lean on the Lord for understanding. Remain faithful, give it a little time and let God do what God does best! Work it out! 

Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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