Momma and Pumpkin: Transitioning to Solids

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At our four month appointment, our pediatrician told us that when Skylar starts to seem not satisfied with bottles, it is totally okay to introduce solids. Well, I waited a little longer to start solids. Not because I’m a rebel but because Skylar seemed satisfied with solely bottle feeding her and I wanted her to be able to sit up a little better for spoon-feedings. It didn’t seem until she reached about 5 months that she wanted a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’! So we introduced Rice Cereal into her bottle feeding.

The pediatrician also mentioned she would likely be around the five months when we would notice this change. I always tell people, Pumpkin is right on track. Pumpkin is totally interested in what mommy and daddy are eating ALL THE TIME. She follows our hands and utensils with each and every bite. So right before her sixth month appointment, we started solids!

It’s going over great! Yes, she is having rice cereal. Yes, this is for filler but its working now introducing new foods one at a time. This has been a messy adorable time with Pumpkin! She is progressing. Everyday there is more is going down versus being on her bibs. She thoroughly enjoys meal time. She's pretty much liked everything so far.
Solids are going great

So, want to know the run down on what’s she’s tried so far? We decided to start her on Gerber foods since that is the cereal brand we’d feed her previously. Over the past month, we’ve introduced green beans, peas, carrots & squash. Let’s just say on the vegetable side of things,  she LOVES them all! Other mommies suggested to avoid introducing the fruits because she may take a liking the “sweet” and refuse the veggies. I was nervous about this and did delay introducing fruits but oh how things have turned out. She is really “iffy” on fruits! She’s tried apples, peaches and bananas so far. She’ll eat them mixed with a bit of cereal but it is sort of like the sweet flavor is overwhelming.  She crumples her face and shakes her head with all of them at times. Think about the face you’d make drinking cranberry juice! You still drink it but that shot of tart gets you every time! That reaction is similar to what is happening to Pumpkin while eating fruits. What I found odd is she loves prunes! WHO LOVES PRUNES? Like seriously?!

I see as we continue to introduce new items, this is going to be an exciting adventure. I hope to nurture an eater with a adventurous palate. I’ll soon start making her some home made meals as well. I work full time outside of the home, so Gerber is fine but I like to introduce other foods as well. You’re not going to find avocado, kale or butternut squash labels in the baby aisle.

This morning we ate our breakfast at the same time. She had bananas and rice cereal and I had applesauce and crunchy granola. I mean, how would it look if I’m eating donuts and feeding her fruits and veggies?! It makes me want to be a better example for Pumpkin. I’m going to be her first teacher in every area of her life, so that includes nutrition and eating habits as well. This experience has thoroughly inspired me.

Has anyone opted to make their own baby foods? If so, let me know what foods you introduced! 

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


  1. Lol at who likes prunes! I'm glad it's going so well. Hopefully that

  2. Thanks! Yes, hopefully it does! Can't wait to whip up some homemade veggies for her.


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