About Last Night! NYE 2014: Family Edition (Late Post)

2014 has come and gone! Welcome 2015! Many people probably spent time reflecting on the year passed. The successes, the failures and all in between. Well, the Beauty, The Beard and the Baby spent the night together. I couldn't wait for hubby to get home. Pumpkin and I had a fruitful day of peek-a-boo, feedings and raspberry kisses! We both work a lot, so quality time is crucial for our household. So, are you wondering how we brought in the new year? 


We watched Pitbull's New Year's Revolution and tried to remember what we learned in Spanish 101 from our undergrad years in an attempt to decipher song lyrics. Must I say, we failed miserably but danced along to the beat! HAHA! 
Gone are the days of sweaty nightclubs, overpriced drinks and standing room only personal space! How crazy were we to ever think that was the best thing to do on NYE?! Now, I'm not knocking those that did exactly that last night. Hubby and I went out for NYE 2012 and had a great time...but it was just a different type of party. Less crowded, no riff raff and we were newly married! NYE 2013, I was 5 months pregnant and had fellowship at church...good time all around! Honestly though, this year I'll took the safety of a couch...no worry of drunk drivers here. Just an overload of cuddles from the people I hold dearest! 


We figured since we were going to sip a little champagne at the strike of midnight then Pumpkin should be able to sip a fruit juice as well. Previous to now, we hadn't given her any juice yet. No real reason to why...just never came up. Pumpkin is still pretty young (eight months old) so she had no idea what was going on other than she played with some new toys (noise makers and mardi gras beads)! 


As the countdown drew near, hubby prepared our glasses and we all took sips, gave each other smoochies and said Thank God for the pleasure of making it through another one! 

From My Family to Yours 
Happy New Year!! 


  1. So cute. Pumpkin looks confused in the last pic. Ha!

  2. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! My hubby and I went out for an early dinner. We went straight to bed when we came home! I woke up at 12 to say "Happy New Year" and went right back to sleep. We are a true example of an old married couple, lol!

  3. Love it! Happy new year! We went the family route as well.... we rented a cabin with friends with kids and hung out for the last two days! It was pretty darn awesome!

  4. Lol...hope you gave your honey his new year kiss! You "old" newlyweds!

  5. Rented a cabin....snazzy! I think I've watched too many scary movies involving cabins. It probably would be really cool but my imagination wouldn't let me sleep.


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