Plus Size Style | Love is in the Air!

I was so excited to find out a friend of mine was getting married.
Weddings are great because you get a chance to get all gussied up! 
Also, you can’t wait to cheer on your family or friends and their newly bound love!

I had the pleasure of witnessing Tayo and Gwen become one last Friday!! I told the newlyweds that they’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the honeymoon to the fullest (wink, wink) but I would love a dinner invitation in the near future!

Now, I’ll be honest. I’ve been…well let’s just say my daily clothing options have been quite “understated” lately [READ: Laundry Day Mommy Frump] I just haven’t put much time into my hair nor wardrobe…you know, the things girls gush over! I was inspired to do one of those “Get Ready With Me” posts that all of y’all are doing these days but the way my life set up, nope. There is never enough time in the day. I traded the “get ready on blog” time for some much needed shopping & chat time w/ my homie and fellow blogger KeetKeet, better known to y’all as @CreativelyCoiled.  Welp, maybe next time!

I did find time to grab a picture of what I wore! 2 points for me!
Dress: Ross 
Tights: Asset (by Spanx)
Shoes: Payless 

I was nervous about the fabric and silhouette on my height but I’m glad I trusted myself. Although I wear black and white has never failed me.


Now, I must share, everything was gorgeous! A few of my favorites of the night were:
1.     The minister asked the couple to reflect on the hands of their significant other and the importance of those hands to their future lives. *Tear Jerker*

2.     I was in complete awe of all the beautiful garments and colorful fabrics. So much Ankara, so little time!

3.      The bride’s dress!! The showstopper at all weddings. It was a gorgeous beaded platinum-y color dress in a mermaid silhouette. 

All in all I wish the newlyweds a life filled with laughter and to find peace that in the times when laughter isn’t appropriate…you’ll have each other and God will see you through it!

Talk to you later lovelies,

~ Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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