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The weather has officially warmed up and it's the time of the year your body is begging for some fresh air. It's time to shake the grogginess off and get your blood back circulating. I love to walk. It is the easiest form of exercise for me. You pretty much can get it done and not feel like you're working. Especially when you have a friend or group to go with you. Well this year, I have a new walking partner. She doesn't know it but we've been practicing for this moment all along. All of the grocery store runs were preparing us for this new adventure. My new walking buddy is Pumpkin (of course). 


This is also a good time to see what you all are listening to out there in "ratchet" music realm. It's the best to work out to, lol! #Turnup as the kids say! 

Something that I've found difficult is that my current stroller doesn't navigate my neighborhood's terrain all that great. While on IG recently, I noticed a fellow fab mommy blogger Danica @thememoirsofamommy walking behind quite a snazzy stroller. I figured this would be the right person ask for a "outdoor" stroller suggestion! Thanks for replying by the way! Here are her suggestions.

 I was happy to find when beginning my research that both strollers she suggested we're listed on Babies "R" Us as 
"WHAT TO EXPECT®.com Moms Love-it Award Winners!" These are all items that are voted on my moms! Great right!! Check out other "Love-it" winners here.

While I'm looking into her suggestions, I thought I'd pose the question on Ms. Naturally Random as well. 

I'd love to get even more recommendations, so comments below! 

Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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