Tribute | Remembering the Icon..... Prince Rogers Nelson

Today's Post is brought to you by fellow blogger and music lover, "Dolcezza"!! I loved her Tribute to the music icon Prince so much I asked to share it with you all! 

Y'all I just haven't been able to find the right words but Dolcezza covered it. We've lost an iconic man. Although I never met the man, I'm seriously sad about the passing of Prince. His musicianship was impeccable. His persona was that of a rock star. His knack for business and taking creative control of his music from record labels was ahead of it's time. I could go on forever about him, but instead I'd like to share someone that encompassed everything I wanted to say. 

To read her tribute, go here >>Addiction....: Remembering the Icon..... Prince.

Since I struggled with what exactly to say, I did what I knew would be a walking representation of him. I found my favorite purple lip color and smeared it on proudly! It was a rainy, soggy day but I wanted have just a bit of "slay" as I walked out of the door! Prince slayed with confidence! 

I also dressed my little one in purple today as well. A small tribute to an icon that meant so much to so many! I'll think we'll play a Prince marathon for the rest of the month.   

Don't forget to check out Dolcezza for not only today's post, but if you're a urban music mixtape junkie, you'll love her blog. Be warned, she's sweet as be in person but serious business about her music! She blogs over at!

Remember, "Act your age honey, not your shoe size" - Prince #RIP

Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 


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