3 Things I Learned From My Reader Survey

Hey Lovelies,

I have been writing this blog for quite a few years now and I am ready to kick things up a notch! Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to get to know my readers a little bit better. As a lifestyle blogger, topics can get a bit jumbled at times.
The freedom to not be beholden to a niche topic for me is the definition of freedom. On the other hand, if not handled strategically, readers can be a bit confused about what to expect from me and I'd like to give you all a bit more consistency in my content creation.  I truly don't desire to be a Jack(lyn) of all Trades.

It's definitely time to refocus! I still have tons of interests and will write articles about my "Random" adventures through life. By doing this survey, I can focus on tailoring my editorial calendar down for the remainder of the year and set new goals for the upcoming year!

I wanted to share a bit of what I learned. I gathered the data below using a simple 10 question survey.

So WHO is a Ms. Naturally Random reader exactly?

I've had some time now to review the data collected and here are 3 things I learned from the survey!

1. You all surprised me. 77.8% of respondents said they like my "Family Fun" posts. You know the posts when I just taking a day to love up on #TeamFife! Honestly, I couldn't gauge if y'all cared or not! Ha!
FYI: I have a second IG acct just for family life (sans blogger stuff) @Shanna.Fife 

2. Finances concern you just as they are to me! 44.4% of respondents are penny-pinchers and 22.2% live on a budget due to debt. I've trusted my gut so far and only shared products that I felt we're economical and (in my opinion) effective! I'll continue to do this. I like nice things, believe me, I really do, but in this economy, I just can't justify to my wallet (nor hubby) that I'll be buying a designer purse or some luxury line cosmetic right now. That's just being real.

3. As mentioned in the infographic above, y'all (65% of respondents) are really interested in meal prepping and menu creation. I'm just a home cook that learned how to feed my family and occasionally friends but y'all want what y'all want. I'm here to give it to you! This all stems from the fact that I asked a few questions about food/recipes in preparation for expanding my "What's For Dinner" posts into a more content that will include not only recipes her but videos, printables and some subscriber-only freebies!

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Thanks so much for your feedback! I plan to do this survey each year so I can track what changes with you and I can adapt as things change with me. I mean that's life right...a series of Random adventures!

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