Event | 3 Things I've Learned in the Launch of My First Meetup

It’s been a busy week thus far but I really wanted to share some reflections of my Random Mom’s Night Out Meetup last Friday. I started working on putting my first event together in May and I can honestly say that I really challenged myself to pull this off!

This is something that I really hope to continue doing in the future. I wanted to give women a positive place to indulge in some self care, offer an opportunity to network, and laugh abundantly (which I feel is good for the soul)! Having my goals outlined really kept me going and compelled me to want to provide the best experience possible for my attendees! Now that I’ve had a week to reflect on my event, here are (x) things I’ve learned in the planning and executing of my first event…

1. You Are Enough. Let people see the real, quirky, magical person that you are! So much about blogging revolves around letting your authentic voice be known. I wanted my authentic persona to shine through. Much of planning of this event was getting into the mindset that this was for me. I knew I had more to give and once I stood firmly in the idea of “Who said you can’t do this?” the rest fell into place. Do I have the newest flashy design on my site? Do I have the trendiest clothes fashionistas would envy? Is my face beat to the gawds by a professional MUA? (Ha!) A resounding NO to all questions asked, but I’m me and that in itself is enough!  

2. Anticipate Change. Sometimes change is going to happen. Like the venue you originally contacted was no longer able to accommodate your group. Or the venue you finally selected is located in a super popular area. Honestly, I didn’t anticipate the traffic and parking woes involved with my event due to the location and time of day. Things were quite different from the time I visited my venue in preparation of the event. Lesson learned. Check out your event space and surrounding area during the time of day of your proposed event. It will help you prepare your attendees on what to expect.

3. Be Flexible. You have to be flexible and adaptable to changes. You have to be comfortable with uncertainty. It’s great to be prepared but don’t become so rigid in your event’s agenda that you’re unable to adapt to your current situation. You wanted to do ice breakers but conversation was so good, it wasn’t even a need for them! You pre-purchased movie pass that could only be used if the movie intended to view wasn’t already sold out & then missed the movie, hey it’s ok, things happen! (Ha! true story, that really happened.)

Anyway, I started the hashtag #MommyGotOutTheHouse (Read more here) a little while back!  As adults, often get so wrapped up in the day to day things (like ensuring I have money to pay bills so my next meetup isn’t in a cardboard box) that we forget to take time out for ourselves. Sometimes you just need a reminder that there is a version of you that existed before the job, the kids, etc.

The conversation of the evening ranged from parenting to politics and followed effortlessly. In addition to being surrounded by such a great group of people, the ambiance was top notch as well. The event took place at Firebirds, a restaurant with American/Steak House cuisine. Check them out by clicking here, it’s located off I-440 in the North Hills Shopping Center. 

With all that said, did you all enjoy yourselves?! I’m already toiling away at some ideas for a future event! I can’t wait to plan the next meet-up! 

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Til the next time, #RandomMom in Chief, 


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