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Just Imagine How Tired We Are...

It’s Monday again and back to work we go. Returning back to the weekly routine. My first thought is to express gratefulness. Am I grateful to be employed and for the continued opportunity to financially support our household? Yes! Am I grateful for the chance to display talents, pursue dreams and be helpful to the world in ways outside of our home? Yes! Yet, I also feel the need to question the price of that gratefulness. 

As I sat quietly this morning, clearing my desk of some files leftover from work completed on Friday, I made space for new tasks I intended to complete this week. Suddenly, I had a thought. How many other mothers have had to quickly shift gears from a celebratory day, like Mother’s Day, to being knee deep in the trenches of essential employee work and back to domestic tasks?  Some days are full of kind words and admiration and Monday brings a swift transition back to our current reality. 

I chose to publicly acknowledge my mother as many of us did on Mother's Day. As I prepared to do so, I looked through digital photos of her and wanted to share with the world an image that reflected our relationship authentically. I wanted to pick an image that exalted her regality within my world. I mean, her middle name in Latin literally means Queen. What I noticed while looking through photos is that my mother often looked agitated, tired or overall bothered. Newsflash - She was tired, y’all! As I have matured, I now really identify with this level of motherhood fatigue. I have a deep understanding of the artwork Blue Monday by Annie Lee so much better now. If you’ve never seen “Blue Monday”, it depicts a woman struggling to pull herself out of bed on a Monday morning. It resonates so deeply within me now and I have learned to appreciate the opportunities to nap, if the occasion arises. We are all tired; often mentally and physically.

I continue to salute you, mothers. Let me correct that statement, I salute you, parents and all caregivers!  I’m here right with you. As parents, we’ve searched for ways to interact with our children in constructive ways. We’re managing the pressures of juggling work, chores, along with children all the while under lockdown. Showing yourself some grace while understanding that we’re all grappling with an ever-changing sense of normalcy. Let us lift our collective voices about the accessibility of things like affordable childcare, paid leave, and mental health offerings. I am grateful to be among you. We’re working, we’re tired, but we’re still here!

Love & Light 



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