Blog 3 of 22 (actually its day 4)

So yesterday was uber busy! Had some volunteer work to do after work, then was a taxi cab for a friend in need, then went to Praise Team practice. I had fun at Praise team practice. Although my back was killing me from standing at practice the whole time. I was so tired almost didn't have dinner. Sir had to make my plate and bring it to me!

So breakfast:
Didn't really happen!
Ham Sandwich (cheese, mayo, wheat), crunchy granola bar & applesauce
Baked Tilapia, rice & mixed veggies

Didn't really get any solid cardio in because I was non-stop from 8:30am - 9:30pm yesterday.

**Recap - Monday I did hit my goal of completely 3 songs on the Wii (thanks MJ)...I even pushed past that and did a 4th as a cooldown!

We'll see what today brings...I'll be back later to post again.

So this is my journey, lets see where this goes...Talk to you later Naturally Random Lovlies!


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