Day 12 of 22 Getting Excited...

I have had days of ups and downs over the past two and that is fine with me. I am getting so excited as this process goes along. Eating healthier does not mean eating food that doesn't taste good or that is not filling and I realize that now. Me and Sir often high five after dinner just off taste alone! (two points for us!)
Last night I made something that I thought would turn out healthy but I think we used WAY too much cheese. Saw a recipe in REDBOOK magazine (some ladies magazine, never heard of it) for Crab and Shrimp Quesadilla. Couldn't find real crab meat so had to use the imitation stuff. Didn't taste the greatest but will try it again w/ a lean cut of chicken and they'd probably be BOMB!! Flavors were awesome just couldn't get past that "cheap fake crab" taste.
In other news, we've been sticking to our menu idea. Writing out what we will eat everyday for breakfast, lunch & dinner and I love it!

I am really hungry today guys!

All I need now is a new planner (forgot mines ran out at the end of 2010). There are so many things that get in to way of working the house, civic organization meetings, retarded work schedules (BIG ONE FOR ME). So I think that a planner would help me out greatly! I am truly NATURALLY RANDOM! I do not have a "cleaning day" or "pay bills day" or "wash hair day"...I just randomly do things when I have time. It feels awesome to be able to plan out our meals and since I am about to start going back to the gym I'll need to schedule my time at the gym as well.

I know that I will be really busy for the next few months but it is going to be worth it!

Anthem of the Day "He Saw the Best in Me" ~ Marvin Sapp

This is my journey...let's see where it goes!

Talk to you later Naturally Random Lovlies!



  1. That is so cute how you and sir have that great patnership! I am proud of you guys! I am doing better and i think that blogging my success and failures are hellping me out a lot!! Love you Shan Shan!!


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