Update Time (I've been missing for a minute)

Hello all! (well my 3 readers) lol.

All has pretty much been well with me! I've been super busy. I did hit a rough patch but I've continued to lose weight throughout the week. I've cheated during the week a few times but nothing overly outrageous! I'm still being selectivce with my choices, still working out about 4-5 times a week and still in prayer for the Lord to help through it all!

So where am now. I'll give the numbers I don't mind. I started at 262 lbs on January 31 and I am now 252 lbs on February 28th. Thats 10 lbs a months. That is a healthy rate to lose weight. Another motivator (which maybe too much for girly girls) is I can not buy any new makeup, new clothes (other than workout clothes) nor get any professional services (hair/brows/nails/waxing) until I lose 20 lbs. So yes...I've been looking rough! I figure if I stay at 10 lbs/per month I'll be to my goal weight by August (you do the math). Anything extra that I lose will be pure blessings.

My goals are:
  • Increase stamina (stairs shouldn't tire you)
  • Walk/Run mile in less than 15 minutes (at about 18 minutes currently)
  • Shop in regular stores (stop asking store clerks "where is your Woman/Plus Size dept.?")
  • Being comfortable in the summer (Fat/Sweat/Heat don't match...period)
I've been sick the past week and due to my work schedule change, I haven't been able to make it to the gym. I've replaced my gym time with "Just Dance 2" on the Wii. I absolutely love it! Gets you moving, you're in your living room so who cares if you do the moves right, point is JUST GET TO MOVING! I'm attempting to go to a Body Pump class tonight at the gym. Hopefully that will help me "sweat this cold out". I'm nervous and excited. Its a combination Weight lifting and cardio. SIR has attended a few classes and he says "its really kicks his butt!". And we need a "butt-kicking" anyway. We always joke with each other that we're trying to "get our sexy back"...lol

Well just wanted to let you all know I'm still at it! Taking it one day at a time (sounds like I'm an alcoholic...lol) Talk to you later Natually Random Lovlies!

This is my journey, let's see where this goes!
~Natually Random


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