North Carolina Natural Hair Care Expo Weekend!!!


This weekend has been great! Yesterday was full of inspiring ideas and I had very good company! I had quite a workout yesterday as well...(side eye).

Ok, so in recent years natural hair for people of African decent has become more and more popular. This also coincides with the "green revolution". Consumers are beginning to identify with their contribution to the environment and also what they put in and on their bodies. Ok, so of course corporate America is going to capitalize on these two events. Creating products marketing "natural, organic ingredients".

Now c'mon people, just because you change your packaging from an black box to a green box that says "Shea Butter" or "Aloe Vera" really big doesn't mean it's any healthier for you than slathering your scalp with Blue Magic Hair Pomade! LOL

This weekend I visited a hair expo catering guessed it, natural hair care! This expo was part of an 14 city tour where at each stop vendors and stylists from each city marketed their products to you. Basically, Gimme' ya' monies!!
Some of the vendors that caught my eye links are listed below: Hair Accessories Hair Accessories Salon <----great marketing, found out a friend works there too!! Fashion Designer
and last but not least... loved her display and even made a purchase.

(for overly observant people) that's an NPHC shirt, YES, I'm a member of an NPHC organization.

My ankh earrings are posted above. I loved them so much I wore them the very next day! The vendor stated there is now such a demand for accessories that created its own site

Well Lovelies, that's all for now!!

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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