The 4 Important Lessons I Learned Last Year

New beginnings often spark reflection and goal setting for what lies ahead. Last year was a truly uncharted and crazy year, but through it all, I felt very lucky. Rather than post about the darkness that surrounded so many of us, I decided to share the four important lessons I learned last year.

Rockin’ Robin

Twitter’s mission is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers. It felt as if we all fulfilled Twitter’s mission as if we’d rushed or pledged the organization last year. Major Neophyte energy in these Twitter streets. I found myself glued to the platform unlike any other. Often scrolling endlessly in the morning, at every mid-day break, even in the wee hours before bed (bad idea, insomnia loading). I learned that I needed to create some boundaries with my access to information. I needed to stop the 24-hour news cycle to control my life. 


If I can control my child’s screen time then I can do a better job at controlling mine as well. Here are 3 ways to help. 

  1. Create a schedule. 

  2. Use a screen time management app. 

  3. Curate your timelines and content your content.  

Stick with me, I expound on this list of tools to manage staying informed without damaging your mental health later. 

Get Rid of It All

Cherishing all of my opportunities to be at home last year showed me just how much stuff you can acquire in a short time. I'm a Virginian transplant, only living here for a few years. Random in Richmond chronicles our big interstate move. Our family went through a big purge in preparation for our move. We were tossing and donating things during the months leading up to the move. It was time for another deep clean. Initially it feels overwhelming to tackle it all. I challenged myself to remove clutter starting one room at a time. Organizing our space to accommodate in-home learning, a child's continual growth spurts, and my expanding waistline (tsk, tsk) sent me repeatedly to the donation bins. What emotional baggage is wrapped up in all of these items? Answering the question, "why do I have this/need this?" helped to sort through it easier and let things go. Decluttering makes literal space in your home. With that space, for me, comes a clearer, cleaner, and calmer outlook on the days ahead.

Great Random Pic Found During a Recent Photo Dump

All Wasn’t Bad

Here are 3 small but great takeaways that I bookmarked last year.

Ariel Lopez's tweet stuck out to me because it is what I've needed to hear all along. Recently in my Open Letter to My Readers, I discussed finding my "why" again. I never began blogging, nor social media period to create content solely for others. When you get involved in marketing, targeting, and researching analytics, it got boring. So I knew if I planned to revive the blog, I needed to start with creating for the sole pleasure of creating. Having something just for me, outside of my marriage, motherhood, outside of corporate responsibilities, but yet inside of me! Rediscovering the fulfilling part of writing will be the grandest of adventures.

Mattie James' post stuck out to me because, in the past, I haphazardly posted everything from my blog to my Instagram and repeated the same content to Facebook and Twitter all under the guise that this gets "organic reach!" Sadly, that is not how this works. You are battling algorithms, analytics experts, entrepreneurs, professional marketing packages etcetera. By supporting the first example, just post content you like, then also, dedicate your focus when sharing to the platforms you ENJOY using the most but be consistent. This is my creation and I get to decide what consistent means to me.

Dolce's tweet stuck out to me because I've come to the same realization as well. If I look good, I tend to feel good as well. This is a simple concept, but I struggled to get it together most days as the year went on. Back in 2019, I'd resolved to make sure my new work attire was in stark contrast to my bleach stained sweats that comprised my stay-at-home-mom attire. I wanted the confidence I exuded on paper to be reflected in my wardrobe. Over time, I collected pieces that fit me well and I walked into the office every day with my head held and a bit of a strut back in my step. I looked good and I felt better. Last year, I slowly lost some of that and I'm digging out of that mental/emotional hellscape and clawing to get back there. It will be a process but I'm enjoying closet shopping and playing dress-up to reenergize my personal style so far.

I would love to hear any amazing lessons you’ve learned recently! Please share in the comments below!

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