Motivational Monday!!

First let's dance!
Now that you're in a good mood.

I'm starting a series called Motivational Mondays.

Every Monday I scan my twitter timeline and see 
"Oh, Monday... You show up too soon." 
"That depressing moment when you're excited about the weekend and it's only monday."
"You're just like a Monday, NOBODY likes you!"

We all HATE Monday blah, blah, blah.

"Moving forward is believing in new beginnings." @jmfolks (follow him on twitter too) 

Monday is the start of week and another chance to get it right!
So take 15 minutes today to do something for yourself.
For instance,
1. Go for a walk. (at a moderate pace!)
2. Update your resume
3. Watch a video about your desired career
4. Make a healthy menu for the rest of the week

I could go on and on. Let's appreciate EVERYDAY that we're here!
Life is short people.


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