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Hello all! Hope you are having a great weekend. Hubby and I decided at the beginning of the week that we were a little overdue for a date night. I found out about Raleigh Mix (a collective event experience featuring multiple nightclubs and venues located throughout downtown Raleigh.) and we decided to attend. I must say, we had a blast! For more info visit:

Can I be real with y'all? I've had a lot of "rough" days lately and been kinda in a "funk" when it come to apparel. We have been on a weight loss journey and although we haven't reached our ultimate goals, our clothes are pretty baggy! We both understood for date night to have our usual flair we'd have to pick up a few new pieces.
Fashion & styling is an interest for both of us and Sir makes an equivalent effort to spiffy up as well.

Here is my inspiration palette:

Photo courtesy of:

I often shop palettes first before going shopping. I decided since it Summer, let's punch up the vibrancy of the hues a bit. Also, since stores are getting ready to put out their Fall stuff, Summer clothing is on clearance now. I knew I find some deals to fit my frugal taste! lol

Want to see what I found at these prices?!
I purchased a blazer, blouse, pants and shoes all from JC Penney for a whopping...wait for it....................$61.98 + tax

Here is my complete look: 

Let's see how SIR did: 
He purchased camo shirt (Original $24.94) for $12.94, slacks for $24.99 and shoes (Original $27.99) for $17.99 all from Old Navy, Target and (wait for it...) Payless. Grand Total...$55.99 
Well done Sir! *starts slow clap* 

All pieces will be restyled in some shape, form or fashion. We're real people. We don't pop tags everyday! LOL 

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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