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Hello hello hello!!!

Coming to you all to show you a new feature I wanted to add on the blog. I told you recently that I was ready for Ms. Naturally Random to be bigger, better and take some new direction! So with that being said, I'm starting few new features. 

"Style on the Scene" will be posts featuring fashionistas & fashionistos that I see daily.  

Ever since I was a kid and I watched Imitation of Life and how grand  Annie Johnson's funeral was, I believe that is very important to give people their flowers while they're here to smell them. What I mean is, I have no problem and actually I absolutely love to make people smile. You never know what type of day someone is never know how unappreciated someone feels.

So, if I see you on the street, in the grocery store, at work or just loungin' and I think your style is fly, don't be surprised if I ask to feature you. I caught with my first two features at the Curls Gone Wild event this weekend. (I told you I was a busy weekend hahaha)

I picked one female and one male and both were quite fly if I do say so myself. This event was held in mid-July so I absolutely loved how both implemented bright summery colors into their ensembles. Newsflash! Most of Ma'am outfit was thrifted!! Can you say #FrugalFinds? Although Sir wasn't as forthcoming with outfit details, I did find out he is a fellow blogger and will be hopefully hosting some events in the NC in the future. Sorry lovelies, I didn't get contact info this time. The #thirst is real, I know. LOL! For now, go grab a glass of water! 

Talk to you later lovelies,

Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


  1. #Update Sir just found me on FB. His name is Jerome J. Hill Jr. Brother's fly! Check him out!


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