Hello Summer!

Today marks the first day of summer and the official countdown to my birthday! Yes, I'm starting two months early! (August baby). Why so early you might ask? Well its because its a milestone bday. This year I join the dirty 30 club! I'm so blessed to get to this point in my life. I intend to have small celebrations throughout the Summer. Not sure what I'll exactly be doing but I'll definitely keep you posted. 

Talk to you later lovelies,  

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random

Any suggestions on how I should celebrate the big 3-0?


  1. Lol! "dirty 30". I feel like this is the official "stepping into womanhood" age. I'm actually excited about hitting the 30 mark

  2. Fancy graphic! Let's see...you should....hit the beach, have a picnic with a great view of the city skyline, or go to lunch with friends (require everyone to wear one color). Try something new, or the one thing you've been afraid to do. Example: if your afraid of heights, get on a roller coaster. You know what, I'm charging you to write a post: 30 small ways to celebrate 30, then do them! Boom!

  3. Thanks I was quite proud of my graphic! lol Also, I take your challenge!! 30 Little Celebrations...


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