How I "Went Natural" Without Becoming a Product Junkie

I started out pretty much like everyone else watching YouTube videos of other people going through similar hair journeys. As you can see above, I even thought I'd throw my hat into the natural hair vlogger world. That didn't take off but who knows. Maybe I'll go for it again. 

Now to the topic at hand, I figured out a major complaint of other newly natural women is that going natural was expensive. Not becoming a product junkie (for me) was almost solely based on economics. I am a frugal person at heart. So I wanted to figure out a way to not try every single option on the market (which back then wasn't as many as it is now)...

So today, I want to talk about a few things I did in the early days and have worked for years.

Sounds simple enough right. With the product aisles marketing "for naturals" seeming to get longer, its hard to not want to try everything. Before your next hair product purchase ask yourself these three things:

Some products are for moisture, some are heat protectant, some are sealants and the list goes on. Figure out the intended end result first. Don't just buy something because your favorite vlogger is pubbing it! Establish what it is that you want from your hair. You need to be able to discern the difference between, "I have curly hair and would like to them more defined!" versus "I don't really have curly hair but I want a product to give me curls." Don't fall into that latter group. Loving your texture is another topic we'll get to eventually! 

Products come in cremes, jellies, mists, lotions and serums. You'll have to figure out what application works for you. For instance, I feel like I can control product and get it more evenly distributed with cremes. So I often shy away from sprays.

If you've tried two or three products all ready. Take notes on what you liked and disliked before you make another purchase. Study the scents, consistency, residue after washing etc.

Don't chuck it in the trash because the bloggers say so! I've left products alone and found myself coming back to them later. I found out it wasn't the product but more so my application. For instance, layered a creme leave in and gel for a wash and go. My hair was too damp, didn't absorb the leave in and the gel basically glued the product!

Practicing the tips early on caused me not to chase fads which helped me save money. I also was able to discern what worked for me and weed out all the natural "nazi" blabber!

So, what are your tips on how to not become a product junkie?! 

Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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