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Good morning lovelies! I found this quote inside my awesome sauce planner my hubby gifted with a few months ago! This phrase has been stuck in my head ever since. There are so many times in life when we jump of the cliff floating on the wings of pure love. Not just in relationships either but for the love of an idea. The idea of being your own boss. The idea of being a parent. The idea of "if I had [fill in the blank], it would make my life easier, so I need it now. 

My lovelies, my lovelies! Use that noggin as well as your heart. The two may seem to battle but when they are in sync, you can accomplish great things. I'd like to encourage you to not judge yourself for over-thinking every once in awhile. I'm not saying become indecisive. Not one bit, that's actually one of my pet peeves (I can feel my husband rolling his eyes about that statement because I take FOREVER to decide what I want eat, lol) Anyway! Don't beat yourself up about it. Some things need extra time before making a decision. Like, I don't know, getting married. Don't let the "he got dimples and a job" get your into something you're really not prepared for! *sips tea* Don't let the allure of having day shifts and weekends off  have you hastily switching jobs. Do your research.

"Slow down baby, you're going to fast" - India.Arie 
(Slow Down, from album: Voyage to India) 

It's okay to be apprehensive at times. 
Don't apologize for giving something a second look.
Think about it this way, were you not taught to look both ways before crossing the street. Be encouraged! You'll find the answers you need in due time. 

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  1. Great quote! I need this one in my toolbox of things to remember. Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you next Monday - same time, same place :)


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