Style Challenge Accepted!

 So, I'm just gingerly scrolling down my timeline on Instagram a few days ago (follow me on IG: MsNaturallyRandom) and come across this! 

Well I debated and debated and finally decided, aww heck, just jump in and go for it. I'm a little late but decided to *try* to participate in a November #StyleChallenge! Y'all pray for my strength, lol! I'm a Style Blogger stan/wannabe! Recently, I purged tons of items from my closet. Many of them too big, too small, faded or just plain out of style. Some ended up in those clothes bins you see in the corner of grocery store parking lots and other pieces are destined for a local consignment shop. Hopefully they'll make Momma a few coins to keep to herself. I'm explaining all of this because my closet now feels like you are going to see a tumbleweed blow through in any minute! 

Thus, I debated for so long I didn't realize two days had already passed! Where do the days go sometimes?! So I mustered up the courage and jumped into the challenge today...

Day 3: Cheetah Girls
A photo posted by byKikiSol (@bykikisol) on

The host of the challenge is KiKiSol. A duo of fellow curvy local bloggers that have an eye for styling thrifted pieces. We'll definitely have to link up one day! 

Well want to see how I did day one Day Three?! 

I absolutely love a good splash of animal print in my wardrobe. I lean more towards grabbing animal printed accessories, like a skinny belt, an infinity scarf or like above, my earrings! 
What are you favorite ways to wear animal print? 
If you wants details on the pieces I've worn, leave a comment! 
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Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 


  1. Awwwwww!! Thanks for the love and for participating in the challenge!!! You represented well!! And you are right...We certainly need to link up!! We'll talk! ;)

  2. Thanks ma'am. I have a hectic schedule and don't always pull a "photo worthy" outfit together. I figured this would get me out of my "mommy that's had a rough night" fashion phase.

  3. I see you have an upcoming event in January, marking my calendar!


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