Year in Review: 2014!

Welcome 2015! 

I'm excited about the new year! The Fife household accomplished a great feat in 2014. We brought another human being into this world. That's pretty significant and the ultimate highlight of my year.

Here's what you all liked most via Instagram! 

Let's take a brief stroll down memory lane of what was 2014. 
Here are a few snippets via Instagram! 

1. We opened up 2014 with The Glam Tour of Raleigh, which I co-hosted with @TenishaJonece

2. Another high one, The Birth of Pumpkin! 

3. I commemorated my entrance into the 30's club by declaring I'm a Grown Woman! 
*body rolls* to Beyonce! #80sbaby

4. I stepped out of my comfort zone and entered a daily IG: Style Challenge hosted by @bykikisol

5. And one last milestone of the year...Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. I finally cut my hair!

 That's about all lovelies,

Happy New Year!
Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 


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