Motherhood | Blankets, Baskets & Pollen!

Hello Everyone! 

I wanted to give everyone's some time to wind down from their weekend celebrations of Resurrection Sunday! Our Christ lives and it was a great time to reflect on the sacrifice that can save us all. I wanted to share my Easter 2015 story. This was my first Sunday not working this year. Now, since this is the first Sunday I've slept in...we did just that. SLEEP! The whole family slept in and OOooooooo, it was that GOOD sleep too, drooling and everything! LOL! Once the day got rolling, we continued to unpack! Did I mention we've moved into a new place. We'll talk more about that soon, I mentioned it here

Anyway, we decided to spend the day enjoying each other's company. It is not often we can say we've even spent 3+ hours together at home. We decided to use the community grills and do some meal prepping for the week #nomnomnom! Also, we thought it would be good to commemorate Pumpkin's Easter experience for the Grandparents!   

Here are a few pics from her Easter photo op! I've waited patiently for her to wear this dress since before she was born!!  

This is a very happy child but she (just like her mother) doesn't really care for North Carolina pollen! We weren't able to capture her normal "giggly for the camera" self at all. She was not having it. We let her see her Easter basket and gave the kid a break and took her back inside. Sorry Pumpkin, you had itchy eyes from the grass! If anyone feels ya...I feel ya! I love Spring but #AllergiesSuck!  

How did you spend Easter?

Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 


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