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Hello lovelies,

I just wanted to come to you all and share something Hubby and I did recently. Now, to be fair, this post isn't actually what you probably think it's about. I'd made plans to spend the night with my hubby. I mention here often (because this is a diary of sorts) that #TeamFife works opposite shifts and we have to plan to spend time together. Marriage is a journey and we're always finding new ways to connect. Although things didn't quite go as planned, it was a fun night!

Recently, I'd been milling around on the idea of writing post to discuss my favorite new fall and holiday scents. You know, girly stuff like candles and perfumes and such. I thought about doing a research trip to the mall and to my surprise Hubby and Pumpkin decided to tag along. I really didn't think this trip would be interesting at all. They'd just be wondering around behind me and end up asking when can we go eat dinner?! LOL

Once we got in the store though...I realized that this would actually be a great date night. I think this is great idea to break up those super bland questions "So, how was your day?" or "What do you want to eat?"

Watching someone react to a fragrance is totally unique and can be super funny! I don't know...I've known my husband for about ten years and going through that store discussing something as simple as diffusers versus candles was just a different experience. Scents can trigger really vivid memories, you may end up hearing a story you never heard before! I feel like I know how his brain ticks just a little better.

So, it might be weird but try it out! Go to a perfume shop or home goods store and check out the fragrances. If nothing else, you'll hopefully go home with some new fragrances for your home and maybe your body too! *sneaky grin*


Talk to you later lovelies,


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