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In Crabtree Valley Mall (Raleigh, NC), employees and admirers alike, celebrated a new shop opening, Moon & Lola, this Thursday, with treats, champagne, and specially priced items. I had the luxury of being "toddler-free", so I decided to step out for a bit and check this place out!

Moon & Lola carries high-end items that carry an overall attainable price. Oh, and did I mention, and it's all uber-cute?!!

I was greeted at the entry with this bold pink upholstered three-sided chaise/chair thingie (it was cute, never mind my wacky description), adorned with a blogger's dream amount of trendy throw pillows. What a way to make an entrance.

From their monogrammed necklaces (Mother's Day Wishlist alert) to the tumbler cups and statement earrings, if it's feminine and chic, they have it! You'll find a little bit of everything for the woman who loves pink, gold, luxury and sassy things! There was so much to choose from, I was very indecisive on what to purchase and took quite some time debating on my final selection. The staff on site was friendly, super helpful, not at all overly pushy with the sales tactics (yeah, I'm looking at you department store perfume lady).

Want to know what I purchased?  Y'all it's so cute, you have a chance to get one too! (wink, wink) You'll have to subscribe to find out!

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They even had a photo booth set up in the back of the store! Of course I snapped a pic!

For more style inspiration, check out Mother's Day Wishlist, full of ideas to satisfy any #RandomGlam Mom's shopping list!

Oh and one last thing! I found out about a really exciting opportunity while purusing their site in research for this blog post. Since I like y'all I'll share it with you too! What is it? I'll give you a hint...

It's a big event happening next month, yes, it involves "hot sauce" (no, Hillary) and it's rhyme's with "fiance"!!!!!! While ya'll still hype off the #lemonade, may the odds forever be in your favor!

That's about it! I had a great time and hope to see you at the next #MommyGotOutTheHouse event! LOL

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


  1. I don't mall shop too often but I would love to browse this store. Thanks for sharing!


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