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Hey Random Glams,

Do you ever feel like you aren't drinking enough water? We all know water is the healthiest beverage but sometimes we just need a little assistance in getting our conssumption up! Last week, I enlisted the help of a few friends to assist me in a challenge I called #HydrateRandom!

It was really simple. Set a goal to drink at least 8 (8 oz) glasses of water a day for 5 consecutive days. I asked participants to document their consumption and share it via social media! That's it.

I'll have to admit, it was going good. Then, as life would have it, I became a little tinsy-wincy ill during the challenge and didn't have an appetite so failed to reach 8 glasses on the last day. Although I didn't reach my goal of 5 days straight, I did take away some lessons on how to consume more each day.

Tip #1
Drink a full glass as soon as you wake up.

This gets it “out of the way” so to speak. I found myself drinking about 16oz as soon as I awoke each day! Two down, minimum six to go!

Tip #2
Have a FULL TASTY glass with each meal.
[Infused water img]
I'm not a heavy juice drinker but infusing my water with fruit helped. Also, it's rare that I ever drink coffee or soda. My water consumption is low because I just don't sense triggers of thirst. I often can eat without drinking very much.

Bonus Lesson: I probably am thirsty when I think I'm hungry. I noticed my portion sizes go DOWN last week. Maybe my waistline will benefit too!

Tip #3
Set small goals throughout the day.

If you search the hashtag #waterchallenge you'll undoubtedly find a few photos of people with gallon jugs of water. They have written (often quirky) quotes & time constraints to help them consume the gallon throughout the day.

I'm not at a gallon but hope to get there! Hope these tips help anyone struggling with water consumption!

Talk to you later Randoms!

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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