3 Ways I Coped With Uncertainty During A Career Change

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You may have noticed I've been missing from the interwebs as of late. I've gone through some personal and professional changes this year and I think I'm getting back on track now. I wanted to come back from my hiatus starting out with what I've been doing while away. Career shakeups can bring up lots of feeling of uncertainty. Along with other things, 2016 has been the year of surprises. Thanks for sticking it out with me. Here is how I coped with it...

1. I Took A Break
Actually I took two breaks. Now let me explain, one was a mental and emotional break and the other was a working break. You'll notice gaps in my posts. Those were my breaks this year. If you can afford it, go for it, take a break. It was to give me the freedom to focus on what would make me happy moving forward.  I needed some time to re-energize and figure things out.

I'd suggest, outline a set amount of time to plan and strategize your next moves. Laser focus on your ultimate goals. You can take this time to create vision boards, Polyvore is a great tool to make a digital one. If you're not currently working in your preferred industry, research how to get there. Seek out what certification or degree programs will get you closer to your goal. You may want to consider internship opportunities. Not all internships require you to be currently enrolled or a recent grad. This period of time is all about planning.

2. Temp Work, Freelancer, Consultant
Consider new opportunities to keep your resume current. For long time employed individuals (like myself), leaving what is familiar WILL BE uncomfortable. Taking the leap to freelance can be scary. Not seeing those scheduled direct deposits can be challenging.  If you want to continue using your current skill set, look for freelance or consultant opportunities. There are a quite a few perks to being a freelancer. You can work with people/companies that you like. You can have more control over your schedule, and negotiate your rate of pay. Just make sure to collect testimonials and referrals as you go along. If not already a member, you may want to seek out professional organizations to join. Here are some examples of professional organizations for my local North Carolinian readers. Those connections will be invaluable.

3. Volunteer
I was already an advocate for volunteerism and philanthropy in my personal life. During a career change, volunteerism can bridge the gap between one career and another. If you are currently unemployed, volunteering can be an excellent way to gain experience without the financial obligation of traditional degree programs. Recruiters will want an explanation of the gaps on your resume. If you are employed and do not have recent or current experience in the industry of your dreams, volunteering in an entry level capacity can be helpful. You may be able to shadow individuals doing exactly what you're interested in or get to see if an organization is a good fit for you. It can help you to get your feet wet while working towards a common goal with others. Being a writer and content creator, I opted to volunteer for Activate Good as a Social Media Ambassador. Actually, if you're local, Activate Good is a great place to look for volunteer opportunities. They help recruit and connect individuals, groups, and companies to fulfill volunteer needs with partnering nonprofits in Raleigh and the Greater Triangle area.

Here was the introduction of Activate Good on Ms. Naturally Random (if you missed it)!

That's about it. You'll have to have patience during this process and an open mind to new opportunities. Coming out of the fog of uncertainty may seem like a never ending task but it's possible. If I can do it, you definitely can as well!

Oh, and I have some new opportunities to share as well. Are you interested in volunteerism during this holiday season? 🙋🙋🙋

Here's a good place to start: Holiday Volunteer Opportunities

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