Lifestyle | 2017 Was...Well, Let Me Explain. Pt 1

Now, before we go any further, this post is going to be a little bit all over the place, just like this year. (well the last two years, you'll just have wait for my memoirs for that full story)

2017's hard to put into words. Well, let me explain...

It was well, a lot of things actually.
It was a lot of sighs,
a lot of scoffs,
a lot of brick walls,
a lot of emails,
a lot of unanswered voicemails,
a lot of prayers,
a lot of travel,
a lot of piled up mail,
a lot of Sarah and Duck, (just google it)
a lot of hugs, a lot of tears, but yet a lot of laughs...

Although there were some lows, I have plenty of examples of good times as well.

I started as a journal and the blog has shifted over time, a natural progression of sorts, yet its underlying purpose is still to chronicle the adventures of my life. Initially, I had no idea it would turn into such a staple in my life. In fact, I had very few expectations at all. And now,  I feel it's here to stay.

Reflection 1: Many of my closet girlfriends are very close in age to me. One (now #RandomMom) girlfriend remarked to me, [paraphrased] "during my 33rd year of life I want to reflect on the fact that Jesus was on Earth for 33 years and what have I done in my 30+? I don't think enough. My goal is to be more cognizant of walking in a Christ-like manner. Having tons of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) moments and moving forward." She then proceeded to help me complete an important task thus showing me what faith, discipleship, and friendship look like in action. There are often a lot of people talking but little to no action. This thought has crossed my mind many times since this conversation. No matter what your faith or guiding principles are in life, always take time to reflect on your finite time here and work towards doing the best that you can.

Reflection 2: I began to realize during 2017 that I'd allowed myself to get boxed into the "mommy" title. When I had my daughter, I knew I wanted more ways to capture our life together and naturally progressed into including "Motherhood" posts on here. I plan to continue this practice because I definitely enjoy capturing her but I also felt along the way I'd lost ME.

Yet, she has taught me many things in her three little years. One I'll reflect on today is that she takes inspiration from everything around her. Children are inherently creative and she's helped me recapture that piece of myself. Together, we end up spending a lot of our time wanting to create. Her spontaneity and pure imagination have pushed me to be a better creator. I want to work on this with every fiber of my being. From learning to express my creativity by experimenting in the kitchen with my little sous chef to wearing makeup due to the sheer pleasure it brings me. I committed to being the best version of me because that is the currency with which love is paid.

Overall, I've gained so much from this blog. Make sure to check out my last post, and subscribe to our mailing list to get more RANDOM right in your inbox! See you in 2018!

Also, I look forward to sharing with you Part 2 in coming days. 



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