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Are you in the mood for just an evening of Netflix and Chill 🍆 this year? Maybe you're really only excited to pick up some clearance heart boxes of candy the day after Valentine's Day? I know I am. If you're totally in the mood to ditch the flowers and chocolate and just want some quality time with your beau need some inspiration, I have a list of 5 must-see Black Romantic Films for Valentine's Day.

But first, a little history...

Hubby and I decided years ago that Valentine's Day is every day in the Fife household, so no need for extravagant gestures on this day. Since Pumpkin (our daughter) has entered our lives, we've used this day as an opportunity to share what the expression of love means. We do this through crafts, play time and songs.

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There was a time when you couldn't escape the black romantic comedies and dramas. It was like the 90's had a Rom-com renaissance...but (sigh) time moved on and those types of films faded away. I'd love to see a new crop of actors emerge the way that Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Saana Lathan,  Morris Chestnut and many others did. Just think about, how many times have you watched a movie set in an urban environment, let's say New York (rom-com cliches) and the film is about young-ish people navigating the highs and lows of dating lives with a core group of friends, in their respective bustling cities, only to realize that it's all Anglo Saxon faces.


I'm not a separatist at all but do you wonder why shows like Insecure, Atlanta, and Blackish are so popular? It's because they are filling a niche that the theaters stopped and #noshade but Madea movies weren't exactly what we were looking for either. I truly hope their success translates into a Black Rom-Com Renaissance nouveau! I normally don't get into this type of stuff here on, but this point totally counts as my twenty-two cents I'm contributing to the discussion of Black History this year.

Now, on to the List...My Top 5 Must-See Black Romantic Films  Valentine's Day, and yes, you might have to dust off your old DVD player for some of listed here!

So that's what we'll be up to this Valentine's Day. Also, we have one of the most important dates of our lives already scheduled. 'Black Panther' ticket presale is breaking all of the records and we're all too happy to have contributed to the success of this film! This has been one of the most epic Black History Month's ever for me! The release of Marvel's Black Panther, OUR Obamas' portraits unveiled at Smithsonian! (yes, they're ours forever even though that had to leave us)

If you're a fan of the artist Kehinde Wiley, you will find his intriguing piece "Judith and Holofernes" in the permanent collection at North Carolina Museum of Art. It's a beautiful location, inside and out. Pumpkin and I love to visit there often and walk the grounds.

So, what are some of your favorite Romantic comedies or dramas?

Hopefully, we can enjoy a movie together for a future Random Glam Girls Night Out!

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