Lifestyle | The Ultimate List of Romance Novels To Make You Steamy

The Ultimate List of Romance Novels To Make You Steamy

I currently read a lot of lifestyle blogs and magazines but lately, I've been reminded that I'm "grown GROWN" and being drawn to more romance/erotica oriented content. Since Valentine's Day is upon us, what better time to introduce books about sex, love, and relationships? Also, it's Black History Month and I am inspired to take the opportunity to put more women writers of romance on the forefront. What a great way to celebrate the month by supporting creative women! I want my community to continue its growth in fellowship and diversity across mediums. 

If you're looking for a new steamy erotic-friendly read, try one of these books.

Ember's Flame By Serendipity 
More on the author here

A Twisted Love By Nicki Charest 
More on the author here.

Cuffed by His Love By Shante J.
More titles here.

A Pillar of Fire By Casey Curry
More titles here

Broke Little Rich Girls By Dominique Thomas  
More titles here

More titles here

More titles here.

More titles here

What a great way to keep the steamy vibes going post-Valentine's Day.  It's cold outside anyway. Curl up with a new book or two and may discover a new favorite position, *cough, cough* I mean, author. Reading is for pleasure, right?! 


No recommendation will ever take the place of checking out a book for yourself, but this is a great list to start your search for romance novels and creators beyond Fifty Shades.

If you're a fan of a black-authored romance/erotica published writers, comment below your suggestions. My bookshelf could use some new partners. 😏 

Happy Reading,


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