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Hello lovelies, I wanted to stop in briefly to share a little #TBT (throwback Thursday) memory with you. This time of year, I (and I would assume many people do) get super nostalgic! I planning to do some decorative updates in my home soon. I'm starting with a gallery wall and I share my progress with that here soon as well. Anyway, looking at pictures for "the wall", I started to think about my little Pumpkin. Time sure have flown since last Christmas. I have to now pick out Pumpkin's Christmas eve PJ's and Christmas day outfit. She's growing so rapidly. Sometimes I'm nervous to even buy anything for fear it will not fit by the time I want her to wear it. Here's a pic from a recent shopping trip...

So that sent me down the road of reminiscing. My little baby isn't quite that little anymore. Although my brain can make since of this, my heart doesn't always. I can't help my miss swaddling her and holding her longer than the veteran mamas said I should. Those little infectious coos and gas-induced smiles. I wonder what she'll look like by next Christmas?

Welp, let me not get too far ahead of myself...if so, I'll surely turn into a puddle of tears. Let's just plan on continuing to capture these moments but they definitely won't stay little forever!

I salute all the parents of "littles" that aren't so little exactly anymore. No matter what, they'll always be our babies. Here's a quick pic I captured at my parents house Christmas Eve 2014.

Wee little Pumpkin! Maybe we'll recreate this pic one day when she's grown. I love those re-imagined pictures...they're always equally awkward and adorable.

Wondering what styles I'm perusing for Pumpkin's holiday gear? 

Follow my newest Pinterest board: Kid's Holiday Style. You'll find links to my favorite pint-sized Holiday inspired fashions!

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 



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