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Poof! The calendar has flipped right into a new year. I’ve recently been posting less on IG Stories and more on the actual blog but if you're a long time reader then you used to the fluctuating content. I really into this idea of no big resolutions. Not much has transpired since Mini Life Update but you deserve an update and I deserve a moment to reflect as well. This way you will get to know me a little better than by just reading my life’s Instagram highlights. #NewYearSameMe
I spent the last year toiling in the background for the most part. It's a place of comfort and simultaneously discomforts. I've been listening to the place that resonates deep within me. I want the mundane transformed. I've been working on it too. Small things, here and there. For instance, there is now a pep in my step as I climb stairs with less knee pain. Thanks to copious amounts of water, reducing foods that trigger inflammation and overall a Keto/Low Carb eating regimen. There has also been a smile across my lips as I taste a new concoction developed from pantry and freezer finds. I've stuck with my frugal ways. Through a relocation, prioritizing our spending and using monthly check-ins, my husband and I have made considerable positive strides financially. #MeanGreen

There is something about a new year that seems to be filled with promise and aspirations. We often talk about our goals and get very reflective about the year that has passed. I have been thinking about all of this a lot over the past few days.  Realistically, my main goal for this year is to live life as a contributor more often than as solely a spectator. My aim is to find the balance between those two roles. This adventure called life, you only get one shot. I'm learning to find the comfort and joy in the home and more so while away. If you can't tell, I plan to work harder at the “away”. #SemiRecluseLife

So, what else is going on?

Did you know I have a Youtube channel? Yep, I'm officially a fledgling vlogger now!

Honestly, that is about it! I just feel so blessed to be able to see 2019. Last year I pushed myself to my fullest expectations, yet I can admittedly say, I have even more in me! I plan on making it the best year by enhancing anything I can get my hands on! 

What do you have in store for 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

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