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Hey, lovelies! I’ve recently been posting more on IG Stories than on the actual blog but it’s probably not the content you think it is. I know I don’t usually do updates, but I feel like a lot has transpired. This way you will get to know me better than by just reading my life’s Instagram highlights.

Peacing out to Raleigh-Durham, NC and saying hello to Richmond, VA (RVA) is turning out to look like the best decision I’ve made in a while! I’m so serious, literally best decision I’ve made in the last couple of years. Shoutout to Mr. Fife for the continuous hustle and having faith in such an audacious plan. Change is hard but if the last two years have taught me anything, it’s taught me that “nothing stays the same forever anyway!” Sometimes you have to look at what happens around you and decide, “do I want to do ‘this’ for another year?” And here we are...this weekend, we drove up to Virginia Beach for one last hurrah to Summer. If you asked me a year ago, if I’d be writing this while digging my feet into the sand and staring into the Atlantic ocean’s vastness, I’d say you’re crazy.

2017 was...well let me explain…

Due to college, most of my “adult” friends call the coastal states home. Heck, I’ve called eastern US home for over ten years but now, I’m just in a completely different city. So far this Summer, we’ve only been unpacking and doing a little foodie exploring.

I look forward to good vibes and every opportunity to feel so much more productive here. Now, don’t get me wrong, My life here is far from perfect. Not even close but I still make a habit of smiling. The blogging and influencer industry will have you assume that life is like a legit vacation. Ha! Reality is quite different. So I’m going to start documenting even more of the mundane. #TeamFife is real around here and life is happening every day, even if it’s not from a hotel with an oceanfront view.

I’m not just out here for pleasure though, my plan is to hit up a ton of places to bring you the RVA culture that I’m learning and some new content! Since we’re headed to autumn soon, we’ll see if this RVA cool weather will hinder things! Although my posting has been a little sporadic over the past few months I haven’t totally been a recluse.


Also, I’ve had a lot of family fun as Pumpkin and I prepped to transition to a homeschool pre-kindergarten set-up to a full-time traditional pre-k classroom. Yep, bring on the Lysol, hand sanitizer, and Elderberry syrup. Yet, germy kids aside, I think she’s going to love it and I pray the transition continues to go well.

So, what else is going on? I have really kicked up my posting to #KitchenRandom.

This is my content that’s all foodie, all the time! I’m always in the kitchen, at the stove, a cutting board and/or sink, so why not document what’s going on in there? I have a ton of fun new foodie content to coming your way so be sure you subscribe to my blog and follow me on IG to stay up to date and not miss a beat!

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