The Summer solstice is here and that means it's been 30 days since I started this challenge. Here’s a wrap-up post for my #RandomKindaKeto experiment, my experiences, and epiphanies.

Week One 

The first week was quite a bit challenging for the first few days. I was determined to resume intermittent fasting. I understood that in the long run it helped me with my choices and the limited eating time controlled my snacking (due to boredom). By Wednesday of Week 1, it was clear to me that I had the tenacity to persevere. I successfully completed the Meal Plan I created and maintained an OMAD lifestyle.

Week Two

Starting Week 2 was a battle of mental wits. It happened to fall on a Holiday weekend. The stores were full of patriotic colored treats and sugary no-nos. All of the cookout standards were on sale, like chips, potatoes, baked beans, buns, and rolls, etc. I knew that I had to seriously tackle those pesky "back-slider" tendencies and take advantage of all the keto-friendly items that were on sale too. If you don't learn anything else about me from this blog, learn that I love a good sale. #CoinageSaved 
I did an early week recap video, you can check it out here (link). Surviving two weeks without any major slipups really pumped me up to continue this challenge.

Week Three 

An old foe appeared during Week 3, my menses. What a craving-triggered week I was living in. You’re trying to stay away from sugar and carbs but your hormones are screaming at your brain #TREATYOSELF like Donna from Parks and Rec. Remember that show? 

Anyway, the secret to dealing with those cravings being prepared. This isn't about to turn into a "Top Fives Secrets to Survive Your Period on Keto" because honestly, I haven't mastered this yet. I've always had an irregular cycle and I only purchase groceries weekly for what we currently need. I'm never prepared. I really despise working on for the first few days of Aunt Flo's visit, so I didn't push myself too hard. My cramps and cravings are normally the worst for the first two days. but exercising was helping me push through them. By Day 3,  I knew those brownies never had a chance. I finally succumbed to the cravings and fell face-first into a pile of brownies. 

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Hubby had a memory lapse about the challenge going on and being the helpful kind of guy he is, he brought them home for me. I'm not blaming him because I made the choice to indulge. It's human. Human moment. Maybe I'll stockpile a few boxes of Low Carb Elevation bars by Millville. I thought this was going to be a brief lapse in judgment but something completely out of my control popped up during week 4. 

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Week Four 

Four simple statements accurately describe my week four. 

1. No appetite.
2. Unplanned water fast.
3. Unplanned weight loss.
4. Doctors involved. 

Things kind of deteriorated during this week. Honestly, I was pretty bummed about it. Especially since the challenge started off so strong. Here's an in-depth recap including some descriptions of what happened the last week of the challenge.  

Moving Forward & Long Term Goals

Almost any change in diet that restricts calories will result in a quick initial weight loss. The key is making sustainable changes in both one's way of eating and one's activity level. I went in expecting a lifestyle change, not just diet. Many will ask, "How are you going to transition to a long term low-carb higher in fat eating regimen?" The answer is easy, keep going forward! We're still figuring out exactly what is going on with me but in the meantime, we'll continue aiming at low carb eating with intermittent fasting. I'm feeling a little better but I'm not 100% yet. Although I'm not there, I'm ready to keep fighting for the life that I want.

The real challenge isn't over yet. When life breaks your daily habits, how will you react? Will you be able to pivot and continue? Will you be there with me the next time? 

Would you be interested in a group challenge starting next month? Comment to let me know! 


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