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Today started off great. Woke up early to get some quick cardio in. Really wasn't much of a workout. But the fact that I committed to getting up earlier and getting moving was the goal. I've reached that goal.

For Cardio:
Played two "Michael Jackson - The Experience" songs

For Breakfast:
Sliced Medium Apple

I like apples now! Who woulda' thunk it?! Slicing them takes me longer to eat and its something about eating the skin, makes me feel like I ate more. IDK! Its probably just me! But that was the start to my day. Off to church...oh yeah, my healthy living includes mind, body and spirit because if one of those areas are lacking, it just throws your balance off for everything else.
Sir & I (yes my BF will be referred to as "sir" for the entire blog) have started a little tradition of sorts to have a "brunch" date after church. I'll try to pick something lighter than normal.
Written Morning of 1/23

So after getting my spiritual feeding at church today and waking from an after "ITIS" induced after-brunch nap, I came to work on this blog. I'm figuring out that I'll write these posts, then come put them online later. So as you read along you'll notice time has jumped significantly. So how did brunch pan out???? Terrible actually. Food...delicious! Healthy Choice...not really. 

For Brunch:
Bacon Cheeseburger w/ Fries 

You're probably wondering "how could you do that after starting your morning so great?" Well I've decided that the weekend will be my "cheat" days. As long as I stay on track Monday through Friday, then I can have a small cheat on Saturday and a "CHEATastic" brunch on Sunday. I have tried dieting before and if I don't like what I am eating I am going to cheat everyday. Just so you know dinner was "somewhat" healthier. I am loving getting more use out of my crockpot. 

For Dinner: 
Crockpot chicken legs (skinned removed prior to cooking), white rice, mixed veggies and dinner rolls.

YUM right?! So Sir and I were talking over dinner and said we are interesting in eating the same foods just making healthier versions of them with smaller portions. I'm committed (even w/ my burger today, I'm human!).
Written Late Evening 1/23

Healthy Living Lovlies!
So this is my journey. Let's see where this goes. Good Luck to you on whatever you need to conquer today.


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