Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Inspiration | The Ultimate Playlist to Get to Know Me [Blog-tember Day 6]

BLOG-TEMBER, DAY 6:Create a playlist 

Tuesday, Sept. 6: The Ultimate Playlist to Get to Know Me

I skipped a few because, well...I make the rules. (smug grin)...but today's task in the Blog-tember challenge was to craft a playlist. Seems simple enough right? Well because of this writing challenge, I know that I have new readers popping in to see what this, "Ms. Naturally Random" stuff is all about. I think a great way to get to know someone is to listen to their music. Now, I could have just gave you all about ten of my favorite current (popular) songs and went on with my day. That's not my style at all. Any time I've given a chance to share or talk about music, please expect a long conversation. Sorry, not sorry. Yet, I'm going to be nice here. I'll give you the shortest synopsis that I can on why I picked the songs that I did and what they represent.

First, I made a playlist that ended up (totally unintentional) being over 4 hours worth of music. But see for me, sharing this with you is like me having a really deep conversation with you. We're all like onions and have many layers, so I wanted to present you all with something that truly represented me. This list could have potentially been 10 hours of music or heck, even more but let's get through the awkward small talk first before we take a roll in the hay together! lol

Side note: Baby making music did make the playlist. #Justsayin'


You'll notice we start with jazz (Duke Ellington and John Coltrane). Yes, I'm a jazz lover, old and some contemporary. This song just soothes me like a lullaby but also inspires feeling of wanting to cuddle. Although I only selected one song to make the list, I'd suggest checking out this entire album and then dabbling into related artists! 

Next section of the playlist gets into some "I'm in Love" love songs and some "I've loved and lost" songs. If you can't tell, I'm a BIG Stevie Wonder fan!!!!!!!! (that's not enough exclamation points to even explain to y'all how I feel about his music, like seriously his ENTIRE catalogue)

After the Stevie tribute, the neo soul artists break, and some more loving...we take a sharp left turn down memory lane to my childhood. We begin to go through a few old school hip hop songs that immediately remind me of growing up in St. Louis. I'm a 80's baby and started to pay attention to music late 80's/early 90's. Hip Hop was so diverse, and it still is now. 

So we're still down memory lane but we've fast forwarded to my college years. Some of the music I listened to in college, y'all don't necessarily need to know about yet. To be honest, it's super explicit, some of the lyrics I cringe at now but that beat still knocks, sooooooooo, it will be played in the privacy of my home. These are feel good party songs. Not that these songs would be played at the same party (because they definitely wouldn't) but I had a mixed bunch of friends, different groups, different music. Now, I'll share with you one group that was habitually played during my college years and didn't make the playlist..............Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boys. *Fat man stomps my way to the rest of playlist*

Anywho, we wrap up the playlist with Soul and R&B artists, just some gems I wanted to share, songs that are super important to me. 

Hope y'all enjoy the playlist. It'll take you awhile to get through it but that was kinda' the point. Hope I didn't ramble too much in the post. Kinda'like the playlist, this has turned out to be longer than expected. 

Let me know what you think of the list! 

Anyway, talk to you later lovelies,

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