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Trending Now | 5 Must-See Black Romantic Films for Valentine's Day

Are you in the mood for just an evening of Netflix and Chill 🍆 this year? Maybe you're really only excited to pick up some clearance heart boxes of candy the day after Valentine's Day? I know I am. If you're totally in the mood to ditch the flowers and chocolate and just want some quality time with your beau need some inspiration, I have a list of 5 must-see Black Romantic Films for Valentine's Day.

But first, a little history...

Hubby and I decided years ago that Valentine's Day is every day in the Fife household, so no need for extravagant gestures on this day. Since Pumpkin (our daughter) has entered our lives, we've used this day as an opportunity to share what the expression of love means. We do this through crafts, play time and songs.
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