Blog 2 of 22 (Insomnia, you heffer!)

So I couldn't sleep last night and I finally fell asleep around 5:30am. I told SIR to not wake me for morning cardio because I am just falling asleep and he agreed. I have a feeling he was a little sluggish this morning as well. So I woke up around 10:40am (its my OFF day, don't judge me! lol). I showered them went right into working a project for a non-profit...didn't really notice the hours going by and wondered "why do I feel nauseous?". Its because you've been working non-stop for about 3 hours and working off about 4 1/2 hours of sleep...EAT SOMETHING STUPID! I swear people probably assume bigger people eat & sleep all day long like a fat lazy cat for something.

Late Breakfast/Lunch:
Honey Nut Cheerios w/ Skim Milk (about a cup of cereal)

I am hungry might have a 1/2 turkey sandwich & granola bar in a bit. We'll see what my stomach says.

Dinner will be leftovers from yesterday:
Crockpot chicken, rice/veggies, rolls

For Cardio: 
My goal is to play 3 "Just Dance 2" songs for the Wii. 
I currently have two dance games "Just Dance 2" and "Michael Jackson-The Experience". I like them because they are not traditional workout videos and force me to get off the couch. Its a start right.
A HS friend of SIRs lost weight by walking a mile a day, drinking only water & cutting down portion size. I think that do-able! Its just so COLD out...gym membership anyone?

Talk to my "Naturally Random Lovlies" later.
This is my journey...let's see where it goes.


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