Recipe Suggestions - "Fajita" Burgers

Today since I'm off work I've been doing tons of planning. I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I missed my 1st church service of 2011 and also missed Sir and I's normal grocery shopping day. Since we are both trying to get in shape and split the bill for groceries, we're going today. One thing that I've began to utilize is a "Meal Menu" for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Sometimes the reason we eat fast food is because both of us failed to prep dinner...we get off work exhausted and resort to Mickey D's or Pizza from sheer laziness. We also sometimes do not cook because we fail to buy groceries to make meals. We were getting into the habit of buying key items but never all the ingredients for a whole meal. Once you figure out "oh not enough noodles for spaghetti...well looks like we'll be hitting the $1 menu tonight!" So hopefully planning our meals will help with grocery shopping, helping not make extra trips to the store and help us better plan "who's night is it to cook" and things of that nature.

"I need to go to store grocery store for (X) workout will have to wait" No more excuses! Oh and I found a recipe I want to try...looks just yummy but I think I'll alter it a bit.
"Fajita" Burgers

Use smaller "more traditional sized" buns. Make smaller burgers and add as many tomatos/peppers/onions as possible. Use smallest amount of cheese/mayo as possible.
I'm going to start posting recipes here as well. Use if you like! I'm not giving up burgers and I don't think you should have to but just make better choices about the cut of meat and cooking methods.


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