Introducing Ms. Naturally Random...Who's That Girl?

Hello world. I have been inspired by numerous women of the most awesome sorority (Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.) to challenge myself to help promote healthy living by doing just that! Living Healthier. I've enlisted sorors, co-workers and college buddies to help me out. Everyone needs a good team to accomplish big goals. My bigger goal is to drop most of the weight I gained during 2010. That was my "SuperSize" year. I gained about 30lbs and oddly I just LET it slowly happen. Thats about 7.5lbs per quarter. Since then I've re-evaluated what could have caused the weight gain. And honestly, it was two-fold. Most was a seditary lifestyle and emotional eating. A little bit was a hormonal imbalance that causes weight gain.
A little history on me...I've been a "big girl" all my life, even since a child. Once I let home and went to college I went through a dramatic weight loss of about 70lbs and vowed to never get big again. Well let's just say I've relapsed! Here are some pics of my transformation over the years and where I am today.

And now the most recent pics...I'm not shy so it didn't bother me sharing. Some people have a tendency to avoid the truth. Well here is my truth for all to see.

 So this is my journey. Let's see where this goes...


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