He is full of Grace but you will respect His authority

I heard a very poignant phrase this morning while at Sunday service "we only are interested in the God that brings blessings but not the jealous and spiteful God". God truly is both. Is that so unbelievable? Just look at us. We can be caring and down right ugly all in one day. Its happened to me. My mood can change just as quickly as someone flips a light switch. I truly had an overwhelming experience today. The Gospel truly smacked me in the face. I must become more obeidant! I all at once just had this feeling of "you are really disrespectful child! You have yet to understand the truth STRENTGH I have...and if you need it, I'm going to show you"

It literally made me realize how much of our so called "suffering" is pointless. How much time we waste daily, toiling over the details of this finite life. There is an everlasting life with Christ Jesus and I seek to be with Him. Do I show this everyday? NO. Do I share with ours how His grace and mercy has affected me? NO.

What is it called when you have become educated about something but purposely don't share it with others?

Whatever the word is...that's most people proclaiming to be Christians. We (and I truly mean WE, including myself here) ought to be ashamed of ourselves. I truly am!

Just the fact that I'm writing this here and not on my twitter or facebook page says something about how much we care about what others think of us. What is so "wack" about loving Jesus? Does loving Christ and showing automatically make you a "Cornball"? And if so, is being different that bad? Aren't we all unique and different and special? Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers say "YES, you are".

But I'll be glad to proclaim I'm a follower...OF CHRIST. I'll follow HIM where ever he leads me. Wow, that is a truly powerful statement.

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Til next time...Naturally Random Lovlies!!


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