New Week

So all that motivational crap I talked last post was completely unraveled by a change in work schedule and an unexpected visit from future in-laws. I don't think I cooked 1 day last week. Terrible I know but I will not apologize! Suck it up (pause) and start a new week. The challenges of the week ahead are the same as last week...all we can do is try harder. You pity party. Start again the next week! I will reclaim the body that I once had and stop letting my own lack of discipline steal my happiness away from me.

Clothes shopping is an ordeal. Shoe shopping (w/ wide chubby feet) is even worse. All of this misery can go away by changing what hands brings to mouth. Sounds easy right?! Well it not but things being hard has never stopped me before. So sir is getting back in on it too this time. Back to meal planning. This next grocery trip will be a very important one indeed! Selections must be made with the utmost care and without food prep all this planning will go awry. I'll give you an update soon.

Talk to you 3 readers later. (i think that is so funny, just tickles me so)

~Naturally Random


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