Weekend Rags

     Weekends tend to be the days that I actually put effort into what I'm wearing. This is when I can get more playful with my clothing. Its also normally date day/night for me and sir. Well Friday wasn't that eventful. Sir and I went shopping to pick up a few more home items @ Tarche' (its Target ppl, work with me here lol). To be honest didn't really try that hard but did get to reminisce about childhood. See the shirt! lol Who can resist a Kid N Play shirt?! Not me! 

Its from Forever 21. Sometimes you just have to jump out on that limb and "hey, I was a kid of the 90's, sue me?" This nearly 30 year old just had to have this shirt w/o a thought at all of how I was going to wear it. 
So from here on out I will try to post each weekend what I wore. This picture is grainy but this will improve as I improve. Talk to you lovelies later.

~Naturally Random


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